New Homes

The homes listed are our available homes that are either being constructed or are completed and ready for move in. Please contact the Summerhouse Sales team for more information and to schedule a showing 877-329-1239.

(in order by price low-high)
DoverB color small

Summerhouse Homesite 997

70 West 2001sqft ∙ $288,000 Design Name: The Dover Property Address: 160 Twining Rose Lane *Available Now*



Summerhouse Homesite 73

Treweek Construction 3286sqft ∙ $334,900 Design Name: The Barrington Property Address: 553 Moss Lake Lane *Under Construction*



Summerhouse Homesite 287

Treweek Construction 3300sqft ∙ $339,900 Design Name: The Wilmington Property Address: 570 Moss Lake Lane *Under Construction*



Brunswick B color small

Summerhouse Homesite 975

Legacy Homes by Bill Clark 2121sqft ∙ $345,000 Design Name: The Brunswick Property Address: 222 Twining Rose Lane *Under Construction*




Summerhouse Homesite 183

AnA Builders 3001sqft ∙ $657,000 Design Name: The Crow’s Nest Cottage Property Address: 237 Marshside Landing *Available Now* 12mo. Leaseback


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