Denay Stolfa, Summerhouse Resident

Sam and Denay Stolfa

Arabella 7, Nicolai 4

Sam is prior Marine and currently a Physical Security Specialist on Camp Lejeune

Denay is a Management Analyst on Camp Lejeune

When my husband found Summerhouse and told me he wanted to check it out, I was very reluctant and told him he was crazy since we just purchased a house in Jacksonville; not to mention he had just transitioned out of Marine Corps and I was perfectly happy in my house in Jacksonville. I came out here just to see what all the fuss was about and let me tell you; I went kicking and screaming. When we pulled through the gates, it was quiet; nothing around and a handful of houses with no sign of life. We looked at the handful of houses in the area but I still was not convinced, yet something kept pulling me back. We went back several times and met with the builder (Bill Treweek) and our realtor (Brittney Spencer) several times. The builder was there for every appearance we made in Summerhouse, what builder does that? Answering all my questions, giving me straight forward; no beating around the bush answers. Still unsure, I then went to clubhouse to talk to the Summerhouse realtor (Dave Bartholow); I even stopped residents in the neighborhood to get their opinion of living there. I kept getting the same answer, “Summerhouse is the best kept secret. Shortly after, we packed our bags and haven’t looked back.

It truly and whole heartily is the best decision we have made.  Once we arrived at Summerhouse the unexpected happened, we met some amazing people! People who I know will be lifelong friends! People who have children that are in the same age range as our kids; allowing the kids to grow up together and becoming lifelong friends as well; making our decision that much sweeter. My 7 year old daughter told me the other day that she met her BFF at the pool and she can’t wait to ride her bike to her house and play. She told me she loved it here. That is when I knew without a doubt that this was the “BEST DECISION EVER! Yes, the clubhouse and pool are like being at a resort. The boat ramp, day docks, fire pit, and lakes are amazing too. But the people all the way down to the realtor and builder I mentioned; are what makes it the best place to live. What is so unique about this is that the realtor and builder are not my realtor and builder anymore, they are my friends. My neighbors and people of Summerhouse are truly amazing. I can’t wait to get home after work to enjoy the quietness, to enjoy the pool, or to go for a run on the trails or around the lake, to take a boat ride out to the get lunch or to a sand dune, or to just simply hang out with my amazing friends at home or at the fire pit; who are now my Summerhouse family. We are truly blessed! I still look around and say, “How? Why are we so blessed? Why did we get picked to be a part of this amazing community?” I still pinch myself today to make sure this is still not a dream, but I also tell myself that; someone has to live this life, so why not have it be us! 

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