Fave Recipe: Grilled Black Drum

Drum roll, please….
Capt. Mike Dennis’ Grilled Black Drum
This amazing recipe is from Captain Mike Dennis of Cape Fear Fishing Charters.
Thanks to for publishing this recipe and many more great ways to enjoy our local seafood!

Black Drum whole 4lb to 6lb.
Scale fish completely,remove gills completely, leave head on,remove all guts.Gills will leave bad flavor,must be removed!

Lay a piece of aluminum foil across the grill to form a tray.
Rub drum with butter completely inside & out.
Sprinkle Old Bay over both sides of fish,a little on inside cavity.
Cut up some garlic in small pieces sprinkle over fish, a little in fish cavity.
Place a strip of bacon in the cavity of the fish.
Cooking time depends on the temperature of the grill, check for tenderness, turn once.

Capt.Mike Dennis
Cape Fear Fishing Charters

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