Tanya Betts, Summerhouse Resident

‘Summerhouse Stole My Heart’

Like most couples, Tanya and Richard Betts have their share of disagreements, usually minor and of short duration.

Summerhouse, though, was almost an exception.

“I remember when Richard came home and said he’d found this special place near the beach with great amenities and plenty of room for our kids to run about and he wanted us to think about moving there,” Tanya said.

“We drove down from Jacksonville and my first reaction was ‘You’ve got to be kidding,” she said. “It was like a ghost town. Nothing going on. I was concerned our kids wouldn’t have anything fun to do or any other kids to do it with.

“But he didn’t give up. We visited a couple more times and each time I felt more at home,” she said. “I can honestly say that Summerhouse stole my heart.”

That was just about a year ago, and Tanya and Richard haven’t looked back. “We feel so lucky to live in such an incredible community,” she said. “I’ve forged friendships with some incredible people and found my “Summerhouse Soul Mates”.

“We’ve really dived into the whole “Living Coastal Style” lifestyle,” she said. “The resort-style pool, the world class clubhouse, the serene nature paths, the calming lakes, the unbeatable access to the Intracoastal Waterway.

“Best of all, we get to do it all with some truly awesome people.”

Richard, a retired Marine, now works as a contractor at Camp LeJeune. It’s an easy commute, and he says the Summerhouse location and amenities are worth the drive

They have two kids — daughter Sjaan, 4, and son Ashton, 1. “They love it here, and it turned out there were other families here with young children they can play with,” Tanya said.

The Betts are excited about the community’s future. “The activity has really picked up since the new sales and marketing team took over” she said. “It’s fun to see people getting excited about Summerhouse.

“I know other prospective buyers might have the same concerns I had in the beginning,” she said. “But my husband was right. Summerhouse really is a special place to live.”

Richard and Tanya Betts, Summerhouse Residents

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